Sunshine Coast Flyboard X-perience

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We are a Sunshine Coast Queensland jetski hire and drive business that has been operating for over 25 years on the Maroochy River. We offer our customers the opportunity to participate in river or ocean tours and also freestyle riding in an area of the river zoned exclusively for our vessels.
Recently our team completed certification as the first FlyBoard instructors for Australia and we are now extending the business to incorporate this newest venture The Sunshine Coast FlyBoard Experience – the first commercial hire and drive operators in our country.

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FlyBoards are the newest extreme sporting sensation to be capturing the worlds attention and became an instant YouTube hit upon its release in December 2011.
A FlyBoard is an attachment to a Jetski which rediverts water from the jetpump, up through a kevlar hose to a set of boots with outlet nozzles, propelling the rider skyward and allowing them to perform spectacular manoeuvres above and below the water.
FlyBoarding is proving to be not just a spectacular and safe sport but dynamic in appearance and extremely easy to learn.

If you are interested please contact us by email or give us a call on 0412 637 363.


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  2. Hii..i am going down to australia for 3 weeks with my buddy..and i wanna do the flyboard xperience..i was just much is it..and do i have to book in advance if im goin to be close to ur location around april 29th.?

    • Hi Patrick,
      Our Flyboard X-perience is $150 for half an hour and $280 for the hour, you can share the hour with a friend. Included in the price is all your safety gear; helmet, life jacket, wetsuit etc, a safety/backup vessel, a fully qualified instructor to guide you through your experience and photos of you Flyboard X-perience. Bookings are essential but you can make your booking a few days before you wish to Fly. For more info or to make a booking call us on 0412 637 363 or check out our NEW website

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