Images of the sea and rocks

The beach is my favourite place to be, no matter what the season or the weather. Something about being near such a large body of water feels as if my body and soul are being revitalized. My worries, doubts and stresses are washed away by the fresh salty breezes and the cool clear waters. The sun soothes and calms and warms my soul. I come away feeling calm, full of life, energy and strength. A new shiner, happier,clearer, reinvigorated version of me.


5 Responses to “Images of the sea and rocks”

  1. Beautiful! Gosh I miss being near an ocean…

  2. Nice series of photos!

  3. The beach is the place where I find clarity. The images share the beauty and its importance.

  4. Water is definitely my favourite element! Sea, beach… :)

  5. I have this belief that BEACH stands for Best Encounter Anyone Can Have. I live at Redhead Beach, I here exactly what you are saying. A lot of my post are based on beach scenes.

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